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GP Mattocks & Associates, Inc.

Technical and Management Recruiters

"helping people do what they do best"

Thanks for visiting our website.  We are Technical and Management Recruiters in the manufacturing sector.  We are here to help you.  We spend our days talking with professionals in the industry and keep an ear to the ground at all times.  Call or email us anytime to discuss your hiring or career needs.

Paul Mattocks founded GP Mattocks & Associates, Inc. in 1996.  He built a very successful business in the manufacturing sector searching and recruiting top engineering and management talent for his clients.  Even during the poor economic times in this country, the company did well.  We have a large affiliation of outside recruiters we work closely with to support your efforts to find the right people for the job.  

Please feel free to contact Paul anytime.  Don't wait for us to call you first, even though you should expect a call from us sooner or later if you haven't already.  Candidates can email resumes to Paul anytime and he will call you with any questions.

Again, thanks for visiting our site.



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