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Contract Employees


G. P. Mattocks & Associates, Inc. feels that contract positions are going to grow with the present economy.  We feel very good about where this economy will move over the next several months.  Employers will be hesitant about hiring permanent employees until they are sure the economy is heading in the right direction.  This does not mean they will ignore the business at hand.  They will hire engineers on contract to get the job done.  This also gives the employers the opportunity to see how this employee performs and how he or she fits with the company's culture.  If you get a chance to work a contract job and your present job is in jeopardy or you are presently unemployed, you may want to think seriously about taking the contract position.  Remember not only does the employer get an opportunity to evaluate you, but you also get an opportunity to evaluate the company. 

If you are interested in working contract positions, you may contact Paul Mattocks at (252)-399-0589 or email paul@gpmrecruiters.com




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