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General Information

    G. P. Mattocks & Associates is a privately owned and operated search firm. We work exclusively for Client Companies. In addition to Searching, Recruiting, Screening, and Qualifying candidates, we tailor a program to meet our Clients requirements. This would include background checks, reference checking, and degree verification. During the next five years, more than one third of those now employed will change jobs. The impact of turnover is costly! Because turnover is unavoidable, it is our goal to reduce it to a minimum. We believe this can be accomplished by careful attention to each step of the recruiting process. Mistakes at any point can be costly, particularly when talented professionals are lost when they should have been hired.

    It is our goal to form a mutually beneficial relationship between ourselves and our clients. In doing so, we strive to keep the cost down for both of us. Our main objective is to find the right candidate to fill the needs of our Client in a timely manner. Our Client has the options to work with us on a contingency or retained search agreement. Or we can work out a combined agreement to fit our Clients needs. What ever it takes, our Clients needs are our most important requirement. The hiring official will only have to pick up the phone and call our office, give us some very important search requirements, and we will go from there. We will need such information as job title, to whom he/she reports, area of responsibility, educational requirements, salary range and target, time frame for hire, and any other pertinent information. We will then thoroughly search and qualify to our Client's requirements, and then submit the candidates resume to the hiring official. We will then call the hiring official and present the candidate. If agreeable, we will facilitate the interview process.



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